Individual Counseling

The benefits of individual counseling include being able to focus on your own needs and working 100 % with me on helping you to be your best, as defined by you. 

Our 50-55 minute sessions will allow you to explore your current issues in life without distraction from other people or devices. I ask my clients to only keep their cell phones on if they have children home alone. You are worth the effort to take some time out of your day to devote to YOU and you alone.

We will most likely begin focusing on how you define the issue that brought you to counseling and steps you have taken so far on solving those issues.  I will also want to learn about your family of origin, as they have a profound effect on how we act, work, play and think as adults. We can then define where you are at the moment with regards to that issue and also take a look into the future.  What does your future look like with this issue resolved?  It is difficult to work on a problem if you are unable to imagine your future in the way you want it to be.

While there is no set number of sessions suggested for individual counseling, as differing issues and differing personalities make it difficult to predict such a thing, I do ask that my clients commit to at least 5 sessions if possible to be able to begin to see some change. I will also let you know that as we open up and become more familiar with the problems that brought you to counseling, you may feel as if you are periodically moving backward instead of forward.  This is simply because we are discussing topics that you were not comfortable in verbalizing in the past.  This is normal.  Have faith in yourself and this process and you can get through those apparent moments of frustration.

There is no right or wrong answer in our sessions.  I want you to feel comfortable in saying what is on your mind and to feel confident in disagreeing with me at any time.  You know yourself better than anyone else and in order for me to get to know you, I need you to be honest with what is working and what is not.

Each 50-55 minute session has a fee of $150.  See my Services & Rates Page for Session Packages offered at a reduced rate.

Call me when you are ready to be active in creating the life you long to have.  817-876-9958