Counseling Process

My role as therapist is to assist you in the transitions that currently have you challenged with you as the expert in your life.

Individuals therapy allows one-on-one discussions to create optimum time for self-discovery and attention to you, the client.

Couples therapy allows me to observe first-hand the interactional patterns of a couple and promotes instant validation of each partner's statements. This allows for concrete examples to be shown on the spot of what the specific challenge may be in a relationship.

Family therapy creates a challenging and rewarding experience for all who attend. It allows family members to be open and honest in the presence of an objective observer who can facilitate productive discussion and problem-solving.

As with any other procedure, therapy involves some risks. Whenever you make significant changes in your lifestyle, outlook or habits, your life and the lives of those with whom you are closely involved may be affected. While the purpose of counseling is to make changes, you will want to consider the consequences that might arise. We can discuss more about the process and the benefits when I see you at our first session.

I require my clients to take what they have learned in session and apply that knowledge to their everyday lives in the hopes that it will help them to adjust their lifestyle accordingly to better accommodate success. Be prepared to be an active participant in this process.

My goal in providing services to you is to allow you to grow and learn about yourself while also helping you to tackle the issues that hold you back from being your best. The decision is always yours to make, whether it is beginning therapy or ending therapy. I can assist you with compassion and understanding in reaching your goals through my solution-focused and positive-oriented approach to therapy.